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Development Impact Fee

In 2008, SAFCA implemented a Development Impact Fee (DIF) to ensure that new structures placed in the 200-year floodplain do not increase Sacramento’s exposure to flood damages and the governmental costs associated with said flooding. This exposure is measured by expected annual damages (EAD), a metric that integrates the probability of an uncontrolled flood and the resulting property damage. New development could significantly increase EAD by increasing the economic consequences of an uncontrolled flood.

The DIF Program mitigates this impact by funding a series of flood risk reduction projects that would build on and augment the accomplishments of SAFCA’s benefit assessment districts, thus offsetting the additional property damage exposure created by new development.

Collection of the DIF is administered by the City and County of Sacramento’s respective Community Development Departments. The calculation and collection of the fee is included as part of the Building Application process.

Development Impact Fee Rate Information

Development Fee Program Final Report

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