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Draft EIR and Engineers Report Released for Proposed Consolidated Capital Assessment District No. 2

In 2007, SAFCA formed the existing Consolidated Capital Assessment District (CCAD) to fund the local cost share for projects to protect Sacramento from extreme floods.

Since then, however, new Federal and State flood protection standards have been adopted that require additional improvements not anticipated by the CCAD. These additional improvements would address underseepage, erosion and encroachment issues that Federal studies have shown to be the most likely cause of levee failures. Without these improvements, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has determined that many levees in Sacramento do not meet the current design standards to provide at least a 100-year level of flood protection.

In order to fund the additional improvements, SAFCA is proposing to replace the existing CCAD with a new assessment district (CCAD 2) that will increase annual assessments on homeowners by an average of about $42. Assessment amounts will vary based on the flood risk reduction benefit received by each property in the district.  Property owners will have an opportunity to decide via a mail balloting process whether or not CCAD 2 should be formed.

Prepared by SAFCA, GEI Consultants
In association with AECOM

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