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2012 Symposium Overview

Since the 2007 Symposium, the US Army Corps of Engineers invested in further research by its Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) to study the effects of woody vegetation on the performance of earthen levees. Simultaneously, the California Roundtable for Central Valley Flood Management (formerly the California Levees Roundtable) formed the California Levee Vegetation Research Program (CLVRP) to research gaps in scientific knowledge not addressed by the ERDC studies. Other relevant research on the effects of vegetation on levee integrity continues nationally and internationally.

On August 28-30, 2012, a second Levee Vegetation Research Symposium was held in Sacramento to take stock of what has been learned since 2007.

This symposium brought the researchers and stakeholders together to present the latest findings and discuss topics that included:

  • Tree root architecture in levees
  • Slurry cut-off walls and roots
  • Slope stability and tree roots
  • Effects of roots on soil cohesion
  • Tree windthrow and levees
  • Effects of burrowing mammals
  • International perspectives of vegetation
    and levees
  • High-resolution 3D tree root and mammal burrow imaging
  • Modeling/simulation for levee trees
  • Levee seepage analysis
  • Engineered or design solutions
  • How science is incorporated into policy decision making
  • Forensics of California levee failures

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