Florin Creek Park Multi-Use Basin Project

March 8, 2017 - Southern Storm Water Basin along Florin Creek.


The Florin Creek Park Multi-Use Basin Project was designed to not only provide flood protection to the adjacent community but also to expand the recreational opportunities and to showcase some native plants close to Florin Creek. In 2016, the park was expanded to include the previously vacant lot along Orange Avenue for the construction of two storm water basins, designed to capture flows from Florin Creek during extreme storm events, specifically for storms that have a 1% chance of occurring during any given year (i.e. a 100-Year flood). Additionally, to accommodate these basins the pond was reconfigured and now allows for better circulation and access to help support fishing in the City events that have previously been hosted at Florin Creek Park by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Once the basins and the pond were constructed the irrigation lines, lighting, sidewalks and landscaping were installed. Florin Creek Park now offers expanded soccer opportunities, better access and visibility, and a natural habitat area bordering Florin Creek, in addition to the playground and amphitheater, which were avoided during construction of the basins and pond feature.

View of Florin Creek Park from Orange Avenue taken on January 1, 2016 (Left) and March 8, 2017 (Right).

March 8, 2017 - View of the northern Sorm Water Basin along Orange Avenue.