South Sacramento Streams Group (SSSG)

Project History

The South Sacramento Streams Group (SSSG) project is a multi year levee improvement project that involves the modification and improvements of levees and channels adjacent to the Sacramento Waste Water Treatment Plant and along portions of Morrison, Elder, Florin and Union House creeks.

Project Imacts

The SSSG levee improvements included impacts to Burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia). These impacts were mitigated in 2008 by creating 112 artificial burrow systems (ABS) within an abandoned agricultural levee on property owned by the County of Sacramento Department of Regional Parks and Recreation and is managed as part of the USFWS Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Since 2010, wintering Burrowing owls have been observed each year using the ABS. (View:Artificial Burrow Construction Presentation.)

Photos Taken January 2011 of Burrowing owls using the artificial burrow systems by Roger Jones.