Wolf Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary


The Wolf Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary encompasses approximately 60 acres of created wetland and upland habitats in northern Sacramento County. The area was purchased by SAFCA as a borrow site and was excavated for earthen fill material (approximately 800,000 cubic yards) for the North Area Local Project (NALP) levee improvements. Following borrow operations the site was graded and contoured to support the establishment of wetland and riparian habitats as mitigation for the NALP. The site was initially know as ‘2L’ and was renamed in 2005 to honor the Wolf family who originally owned the property, and to reflect the sites wildlife habitat objective.

Prior to project implementation, much of the project area was classified as upland irrigated pasture lacking natural plant communities.
Native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous species were planted at prescribed densities beginning in 1996. A portion of Wolf Ranch satisfies a requirement of the USFWS Biological Opinion (1-1-98-F-0109) to create 5.76 acres of constructed seasonal wetlands, as compensation for indirect impacts to 2.88 acres of degraded vernal pool habitat (2:1 ratio).

These habitats included: Palustrine Open Water, Perennial Emergent Marsh, Riparian Marsh, Mixed Riparian, and Oak Riparian all of which are performing well.

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