Culvert Replacement & Fish Passage Enhancement


January 1, 2016 - View of Culvert from Northgate Boulevard Bridge

Site 18A is a seasonal wetland located within the American River Parkway at Del Paso and Northgate Boulevards and is primarily inundated during the rainy season by Steelhead Creek (also known as the Natomas East Drainage Canal or NEMDC) through a 30-inch culvert. This site was previously a borrow site that was converted to a seasonal wetland as a part of the North Area Local Project during the 90's. During the spring of 1999 a fish survey was conducted and revealed that of the 24 species present within the wetland the majority were juvenile chinook salmon, including juvenile winter-run chinook (listed as endangered under the California Endangered Species Act (see report).

October 28, 2016 - View of Culvert from Northgate Boulevard Bridge

The SAFCA Board approved this grant funded project that included replacement of the relatively small 30-inch culvert, as well as minor grading to the interior swales. The overall design was aimed at reducing potential fish stranding, reducing predation by fish-eating (piscivorours) birds, and increasing rearing and feeding habitat for juvenile salmonids. Construction of the culvert and grading was complete by fall of 2016. Due to site inundation in late 2016 restoration activities, including site preparation, had to be delayed and is anticipated to begin during the summer of 2017.