RM 0.5R - Aquatic & Ripairain Habitat Creation


September 22, 2015 - Looking Downstream towards I-5

During the late summer of 2015 construction got underway at an 11.9 acre site along the north bank of the American River approximately 0.5 miles upstream from the confluence with the Sacramento River. This project was designed to enhance and create aquatic and riparian habitat along approximately 1,000-linear feet of the river with the intent of creating seasonally inundated floodplain habitat particularly for State and federal listed salmonids and delta smelt and enhancing the upland Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle habitat within the upland area.

November 20, 2015 - Looking Downstream towards I-5

To achieve this goal in the winter of 2014 the dense layer of vegetation (primarily Himalayan blackberry) which essentially blanketed the entire project site was removed. After this first phase of site preparation the elderberry shrubs which were located within the grading footprint (3.82 acres) were transplanted to the upland area (6.29 acres) which occurred during the winter of 2015.

August 5, 2016 - Looking Downstream towards I-5

Grading of the 3.82 acre area was completed and the instream woody material (IWM) was placed and secured along the shoreline by the end of October 2016. Planting and seeding was delayed due to high water and site inundation. Site preparation and restoration activities are currently anticipated to begin during the summer of 2017 once the river level drops.

View photos taken of the RM 0.5R site beginning in early 2014: Slide Show