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Environmental Protection & Habitat Restoration


Florin Creek Multi-Use Basin Project - Construction activities began on April 18th to create two detention basins that will not only provide 100-year flood protection to the surrounding community but will also enhance and expand recreational and environemental values at Florin Creek Park.    Learn More

Site 18A Culvert Replacement and Fish Passage - Construction activities began April 25th along Steelhead Creek near Northgate to replace a small sized culvert with a larger culvert. This activity, along with some minor grading and planting, will enhance the floodplane area for juvenile salmonids.    Learn More

Cordova Creek Naturalization Project - This creek restoration project is located along the American River near River Bend Park. Construction of the upstream half of the channel was completed and planted by February 2016. Construction of the remainder is anticipated to begin in April of 2016.   Learn More

RM 0.5R - Aquatic & Ripairain Habitat Creation - This floodplane restoration project is located along the American River near the confluence with the Sacramento River. Grading was completed in 2015 and the restored floodplane area will be planted with native riparian plant during the fall of 2016.      Learn More


Bank Protection Working Group Meeting
September 20, 2016 at 1:00 PM
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Lower American River Task Force Meeting
September 13, 2016 at 1:00 PM 
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The SAFCA Board Certified the
Final SEIR for Local Funding Mechanisms
for Comprehensive Flood Control Improvements for the Sacramento Area

and adopted the Findings of Fact and a Statement of Overriding Consideration, as well as the MMRP on April 21, 2016.    
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