River Corridor Management Program - RCMP


The Lower American River Task Force (LARTF) focuses on flood, environmental and recreational management issues affecting the lower reach of the American River from Folsom Dam to the Sacramento River. In 2002, LARTF participants cooperated in preparing the Lower American River Corridor Management Plan (RCMP)to provide a framework for integrated management of this reach of the river. The RCMP is intended to serve as a catalyst for updating the 1985 American River Parkway Plan.

River Corridor Management Plan


Cover, Acknowledgements, Resolution of Agencies & Organizations
Table of Contents, Table of Figures and Tables, Glossary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Need for Coordinated Resource Management
Chapter 3: Management Goals, Objective and Recommended Actions
Chapter 4: Recommended Actions by Geographic Area
Chapter 5: Recommended 3-Year Action Plan
Chapter 6: References Cited

Appendix A: Aquatic Habitat Management Element (Initial Fisheries and In-Stream Habitat Management and Restoration Plan for the Lower American River Cover, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Figures, and Tables
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Goals and Objectives
Chapter 3: Current Status of LAR Ecosystem
Chapter 4: Conceptual Models of LAR Ecosystem Structures, Functions and Processes
Chapter 5: Conceptual Models of Restoration Processes
Chapter 6: Recommended Management and Resoration Actions
Chapter 7: Lower American River Science-Bases Management Framework
Chapter 8: Fish Plan Implementation Strategy
Chapter 9: Literature Cited

Appendix B: Vegetation and Wildlife Management Element (Vegetation Resource Management Program for the Lower American River) Cover, Table of Contents, Figures, and Tables
Chapter 1: Introduction and Approach
Chapter 2: Existing Conditions
Chapter 3: Goals and Objectives of the Vegetation Resources Management Plan
Chapter 4: Methodology
Chapter 5: Opportunities and Constraints
Chapter 6: Recommended Actions
Chapter 7: Implementation Plan
Chapter 8: References Cited

Appendix C: Flood Management Element

Appendix D: Recreation Management Element