Lower American River Subreach 2:

Summary of Bank Protection Conceptual Design Process (November 2018) - (Zipped File)
Draft Final Report
    Attachment 1: LAR Geomorphology Assessment
    Attachment 2: Subreach 2 Erosion Assessment
    Attachment 3: LAR Erosion Risk Assessment (Memorandum)
    Attachment 4: LAR Subreach 2 Draft Final Resource Assessment
    Attachment 5: Subreach 2 Comprehensive Subreach Approach
    Attachment 6: Subreach 2 10% Basis of Design Report

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February 20, 2018 - Agenda
- Incorporation of Parkway Resources into the Erosion Evaluation Process (Brainstorming) - Gregg Ellis, ICF - Presentation

April 17, 2018 - Agenda & Summary
- Propose Plan for Implementation of WRDA 2016 Bank Protection on the LAR - Dan Tibbitts, SAFCA - Presentation
- Conceptual Design Process for Tier 1 Sites in the Paradise Bend to Howe Avenue Reach - Brian Wardman, nhc - Presentation
- Overview of newly collected bathymetric and topographic survey data and its use in hydraulic modeling - Matt Weber, cbec - Presentation

July 17, 2018 (June Meeting was held in July) - Agenda & Summary
- Discussion of Draft LAR Resource Assessment Work Plan - KC Sorgen, SAFCA - Draft Document & Presentation
- Process for Advancing Erosion Assessment, Engineering Analysis, and Environmental Overview - Gary Bardini, SAFCA - Presentation

August 2018 - No Meeting

October 23, 2018 - Agenda & Summary

November 16, 2018 - Agenda & Summary


December 19, 2017 - Agenda & Summary
- Broad Overview of recent Technical Advisory Committee Expert Opinion Elicitation - Gregg Ellis, ICF - Presentation
- Expert Opinion Elicitation Technical Background Information - Brian Wardman, nhc - Presentation
- LAR Geomorphic Setting - Brian Wardman, nhc - Presentation

October 31, 2017 - Agenda & Summary
- Brief Recap of August BPWG River Tour and October Flood Agency Erosion Monitoring - Gregg Ellis, ICF - Presentation
- Update on Site Characterization Process - Brian Wardman, NHC - Presentation

August 22, 2017 -
- BPWG River Tour - Itinerary

June 20, 2017 - Agenda &Summary
- Update on Revetment Database within Focus Reach - Brian Wardman, NHC - Presentation
- Update on Site Characterization - Brian Wardman/Ed Wallace, NHC - Presentation

April 18, 2017 - Agenda
- Overview of Water Operations for Flood Control along the LAR and Update on the Folsom Dam Water Control Manual - Greg Kukas, USACE - Handout
- Update on Hydrologic Analysis as it relates to Erosion Risk - Brian Wardman/Ed Wallace, NHC - Presentation
- Summary of March 16 Post-High Flow Float Trip - Brian/Ed, NHC - Presentation
- Update on Revetment Database - Brian, NHC - Handout

February 21, 2017 - Agenda & Summary
- Understanding Numerical Models - Brian Wardman, nhc - Presentation
- Progress & Schedule - Brian Wardman, nhc - Presentation
- Data Collection for 2 Dimensional Hydraulic Model - Dan Tibbitts, SAFCA & Chris Bowles, CBEC - Presentation

NOVEMBER 15, 2016 - Agenda & Summary
- Proposed Erosion Sites of Concern – Brian Wardman, nhc - Presentation
- Proposed Methods to Investigate Erosion Sites of Concern – Brian Wardman, nhc - Presentation

SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 - Agenda & Summary
- Update to the LAR Geomorpological Assessment – Ed Wallace, nhcPresentation & Revised Draft Report
- Continued Discussion of Initial Erosion Sites of Concern – Brian Wardman, nhcPresentation

JULY 19, 2016 - Agenda & Summary
- LAR Geomorpological Assessment – Ken Rood, nhc – Presentation & Draft Report
- Continued Discussion of Initial Erosion Sites of Concern – Ken Rood, nhc Presentation

MAY 17, 2016 - Agenda & Summary
- Application of DWR’s Levee Erosion Screening Process – Ken Rood, nhcPresentation & Draft Report
- Validation Modeling – Replicating Actual Events – Ken Rood, nhc – Presentation
- Data Collection of Habitat Mitigation Features at Bank Repair Sites 1999-2011 –
     Sam Diaz, cbecPresentation

MARCH 15, 2016 - Agenda & Summary
- Survey Results of Habitat Mitigation Features at Bank Repair Sites and Lessons Learned –
     Steve Chainey, AECOM/GEIPresentation
- HEC 6 Hydraulic Analysis Tool (scour and deposition) Todd Rivas, USACE

JANUARY 19, 2016 - Agenda & Summary
- LAR 2015 Annual Erosion Inspection Brian Janowiak, MBK – Presentation
- LAR Initial Bank Erosion Sites of Concern – Ken Rood, nhcPresentation

NOVEMBER 17, 2015 - Agenda & Summary
- Preview of Completed Bank Protection Restoration Features – Steve Chainey, AECOM Presentation
- State Urban Levee Erosion Screening Process – Don Jones, AECOM Presentation

SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 - Agenda & Minutes
- Background and Data Sources – Ken Rood, nhc – Presentation

SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 - LARTF Meeting
- Proposed BPWG including the approach, objectives, methodologies, timeline, and participation –
     Gregg Ellis, ICF International











Levee Vegetation Management in California: An overview of Law, Policy and Science, and Recommendations for Addressing Vegetation Management Challenges
Annalisa Louise Batanides Tuel1 (Draft Report)

Lower American River Streambank Erosion Monitoring Reports (Prepared by MBK Engineers)
•   2007   •   2008   •   2009   •   2010   •   2011   •   2012   •   2013   •   2014   •   2015   •   2016   •   2017  

Lower American River Sites
•   RM 6.1L   •   RM 7.0L   •   RM 7.5R   •   RM 8.8R   •   RM 10.5L  

A Gravel Budget for the Lower American River.
Spring 2007. David Fairman. (Thesis)

American and Sacramento River, California Project - Geomorphic, Sediment Engineering, and Channel Stability Analysis.
December 1997. Ayres. (Report)

CA DWR Guidance Document - Section 7: Erosion Evaluation
April 2015. (Report)

Channel Stability Analysis of the Lower American River, Folsom Dam to the Confluence.
January 2010. Ayres. Report & Appendices: A, B, C, D, and E)

Improving Habitats along Delta Levees: A Review of Past Projects and Recommended Next Steps
January 2016. Delta Stewardship Council (Report)

Instream Woody Material Installation and Monitoring Guidance Manual
July 2010. ICF International and northwest hydraulic consultants, Inc. (Report)

LARTF BPWG Lower American River Geomorphology Assessment - Draft Report (NEWLY ADDED - 7/15/2016)
June 2016. northwest hydraulic consultants, Inc. (June 2016 Draft Report & August 2016 Revised Draft Report)

Lower American River, Erosion Susceptibility Analysis for Infrequent Flood Events.
July 2004. Ayres. (Report & Appendix)

Lower American River Stratigraphic and Geomorphic Mapping Report - ARCF
September 2012. Fugro Consultants, Inc. (Report)

Revised Three-Dimensional Stratigraphic Model Report - ARCF
September 2012. URS-GEI, A Joint Venture. (Report)

Sacramento River Sediment Study, Phase II: Folsom Dam Modification, Water Control Manual Update - LAR HEC-6T Model
September 2015. northwest hydraulic consultants, Inc. (Report)

Sacramento River Sediment Study, Phase II: Sediment Transport Modeling and Channel Shift Analysis
December 2012. northwest hydraulic consultants, Inc. and Mobile Boundary Hydralics. (Report)

Two-Dimensional Modeling and Analysis of Spawing Bed Mobilization - Lower American River
October 2001. Ayres. (Report)

Update of Lower American River Bank Migration Analysis
May 2012. northwest hydraulic consultants, Inc. (Draft Memo Report)

Bank Protection at RM 6.8L (Site 4) in 2001 & in 2010 (on roll over)
In 2015, Lower American River Task Force (LARTF) members called for the re-formation of its Bank Protection Working Group (BPWG) to help advise, plan, design, and implement bank protection features along the lower American River. A primary goal of the BPWG is to support federal, state, and local efforts to provide the highest level of flood protection for the surrounding community and the conservation of irreplaceable natural resources along the American River Parkway.  

With the Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project nearing completion the ability to manage large flood events will be improved along the lower American River by allowing more water to be safely released from Folsom Dam/Reservoir earlier in a major storm event. This will leave more storage capacity in the reservoir to hold back peak inflow and better manage releases to the lower American River. Even with these improvements, the American River flood control system could potentially experience flows of 160,000 cubic feet per second down the channel for up to 40 hours or more during an extreme event.

The BPWG will work to better understand how the river channel may respond under a 160,000 cfs release from Folsom Dam during such an extreme flood event. A flow event of this magnitude could have the potential to induce substantial erosion and destroy valuable resources in the Parkway.

RM 4.2L after the 1986 event
For perspective, in 1986 there was an 8-hour duration flow at 134,000 cfs in the river which resulted in the loss of large masses of land along the levee at River Park and across from the Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant. It is the intent of the BPWG to devise means to protect areas along the river and in the Parkway from these types of high-sustained flows that could decimate large areas of this narrow riparian corridor, and threaten levee stability.

The previous meetings of the BPWG in the mid 1990’s successfully helped to design and implement 5 bank protection sites along the lower American River. Construction of these sites, referred to as LAR Sites 1-5, were authorized under the federal/state Sacramento River Bank Protection Project.  These sites were designed to integrate bank protection and habitat features and the initial vegetation and fish habitat monitoring efforts indicate that these habitat features can be paired successfully with bank protection. A principal charge of the re-formed BPWG will be to explore opportunities to improve upon these earlier designs.

Meetings are typically held bimonthly at 1:00 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning in February each year. To be added to the email distribution list please email KC Sorgen.