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  Flood Insurance - Meadowview Low Cost Insurance

Low-Cost Flood Insurance Is Now Available for Most Properties
in the Meadowview and Pocket Communities

On February 21, 2007, approximately 26,000 properties in the Meadowview and Pocket communities became eligible for low-cost, Preferred Risk flood insurance.  Click here to view SAFCA’s Flood Risk Map of Sacramento’s South Area.  The eligibility area is shown in dark green.

Full protection at about half the price. 
Preferred Risk Policies (PRPs) provide full flood insurance protection at about half the price of Standard, or required, flood insurance.  In addition, Preferred Risk Policies include contents coverage—flood insurance for your belongings—in their already low premium.  Preferred Risk Policies are only available in areas where the flood risk has been reduced but not eliminated.  Click here for information on How to Get a Low-Cost, Preferred Risk Flood Insurance Policy.

Stronger levees mean lower flood insurance rates.  Recent improvements to South Area levees will result in lower flood insurance rates for property owners who convert their Standard flood insurance to a low-cost PRP.  SAFCA, the State of California and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers strengthened these levees along the Sacramento River, repairing damage caused by erosion and underseepage.

Don’t let your guard down.  Most property owners who are eligible for PRPs are also eligible to cancel their flood insurance.  However, SAFCA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County caution against this. All levees, including those in the South Area, are built to provide a specific level of flood protection.  But powerful storms can create dangerous river conditions that cross this safety threshold, causing levees to overtop or fail.

Flooding can wipe out in a day your greatest investment—your home.  Flood insurance can help protect you from the financial ruin that is often the result of a catastrophic flood event.  Most homeowners policies do not cover damage caused by flooding.

For More Information:

  • Contact the City of Sacramento:  If your property is located within the City limits, please contact the City of Sacramento’s Floodplain Information line at (916) 808-5061
  • Contact Sacramento County:  If your property is located in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County, please contact the County’s Flood Zone Information Hotline at (916) 874-7517.
  • Contact the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency:  If you have questions about levee improvements to the Sacramento region please contact SAFCA at (916) 874-7606.
  • Visit the National Flood Insurance Program’s website at www.floodsmart.gov
  • Contact an Insurance Agent:  If you would like to apply for a Preferred Risk flood insurance policy, please contact an insurance agent.
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