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  Flood Insurance - Is Still Required for Approximately...

Flood Insurance Is Still Required for Approximately 6,000 South Area Properties.

Approximately 6,000 South Area properties will remain subject to the Federal requirement to carry flood insurance until SAFCA and its flood control partners have made additional improvements to South Area flood control facilities. 

Improvements include, but are not limited to, strengthening levees along several of the creeks, including Morrison Creek, that flow through the area.  SAFCA estimates it will take three to five years to complete this work if sufficient local, state and federal funds are available.

SAFCA and the City of Sacramento will notify property owners directly when the property owners’ home or building is released from the Federal flood insurance requirement.

Click here to view a Flood Risk Map of Sacramento’s South Area.  Property that is located in the blue-shaded area on this map will remain subject to the Federal requirement.

For More Information:

  • Contact the City of Sacramento:  If your property is located within the City limits, please contact the City of Sacramento’s Floodplain Information line at (916) 808-5061
  • Contact Sacramento County:  If your property is located in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County, please contact the County’s Flood Zone Information Hotline at (916) 874-7517.
  • Contact the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency:  If you have questions about levee improvements to the Sacramento region or general questions about flood insurance, please contact SAFCA at (916) 874-7606.
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