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  Flood Insurance - If you received a letter in the mail...

If you received a letter in the mail from FEMA and/or the National Flood Insurance Program asking you to fill out a form titled "Documentation for 2 Year PRP Eligibiity Extension," that form asks you several questions, such as: current map date; current flood zone; also requiring the signature of a community official, you should first contact your insurance agent, they can usually fill the form out for you.

If after talking to your insurance agent you are unable to resolve the matter, you should contact one of the following depending on where you live.

The City of Sacramento:

Please send an email to - Floodinfo@cityofsacramento.org
      or phone City Utilities at (916) 808-5061

Indicate your name, address, phone number and the date in which you need the information by. You will receive a call back from the city within two business days. The City will then send, fax or email you the signed documents indicating your eligibility.
The County of Sacramento:

      Phone County Water Resources at (916) 874-7517

The City of Citrus Heights:

      Phone General Services at (916) 727-4770
Contact person:  Kever Becker or  Ardelyn Flores

The City of Elk Grove:

      Phone Public Works at (916) 478-2252
       Contact person:  Amittoj Thandi -

The City of Galt:

        Phone Public Works (209) 366-7200
           Contact Person:  William Forest

The City of Rancho Cordova:

       Phone Sacramento County Water Resources (916) 874-7517 


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