This project is a study of the American River Common Features (ARCF) project of the City of Sacramento andProject Area Map Link surrounding areas, which is one of the most at risk areas for flooding in the United States, due to its location at the confluence and within the floodplain of the American and Sacramento Rivers. The General Reevaluation Report (GRR) addresses the flood risk management system for the American and Sacramento Rivers and five other smaller channels. Click on the map at the right to view 3 project area maps.

The authorized project features were developed to work in conjunction with the authorized Folsom Dam modifications and the increased flow released that would be anticipated. The project includes approximately 12 miles of the north and south banks of the American River immediately upstream from the confluence with the Sacramento River; approximately 18 miles of the east bank of the Sacramento River immediately downstream of the Natomas cross Canal (NCC) to the confluence with the American River; and approximately 5 miles of the north and south bank of the NCC immediately upstream of the confluence with the Sacramento River. The study area also includes the improvements to the Natomas East Main Drainage Canal (NEMDC) and Pleasant Grove Creek Canal. These features collect flows from the Pleasant Grove Creek (PGCC), Dry Creek, Robla Creek, and Arcade Creek (collectively refereed to as the east side tributaries). The study area also includes approximately 14 miles of levees along the east bank of the Sacramento River downstream from the American River to just below the town of Freeport, at which point those levees tie into the Morrison Creek Beach Lake Levee which protects the south side of Sacramento.


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